According to the latest scientific study, supposedly “the most accurate survey ever”, Earth may be in less danger of a cataclysmic asteroid impact than previously thought. The good news is that NASA claims to have now found about 90% of the largest near Earth asteroids.

Before this last study, scientists estimated that there were around 35,000 near-Earth asteroids between 330-3,300 feet wide. They now believe that number to be more like 19,500.

Canyon Diablo Crater

Canyon Diablo Crater - Winslow, AZ

Not sure how much more you’re comforted by this news – as the famous crater (formerly the Canyon Diablo Crater) in Arizona was caused by a meteor only about 164 feet in diameter.

That crater, made by the impact of such a small meteor about 50,000 years ago, measures over 4,000 feet wide and about 570 feet deep!

A collision of this proportion is known as an “[wiki]impact event[/wiki]” and would effect the entire planet – possibly meaning the end of civilization.

Official NASA press release on the matter: WISE Finds Fewer Asteroids Near Earth

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Ocean asteroid image via Dr. David Aguilar
Arizona Meteor Crater image via Shane Torgerson