Superstorm Sandy, the hurricane which hit the East Coast more than two weeks ago, was truly a storm of epic proportions. Not so much because of the actual size of the storm but because of it’s devastating impact.

The mainstream news media seems to have largely forgotten about the people affected by Hurricane Sandy in the wake of the 2012 Presidential Election. However, there are still tens of thousands of people homeless, hungry, cold and without fuel or power in the northeastern states.

Food and fuel are being rationed, FEMA, The Red Cross and New York City government have set up shelters and “warming centers”. Though gasoline is being rationed, it is available in some locations.

As part of the Google Crisis Response project, Google has created Crisis Maps, providing a wealth of information such as where to find shelters, fuel locations, places still without power and much more. The maps have selectable overlays as well as other standard features normally found on Google maps.

View the Google Crisis Map of the northeastern area hit by Hurricane Sandy here:

There is also a detailed map of just the New York City area here:

You can still help the victims of Hurricane Sandy by donating to the relief effort at the Red Cross website here – and they do need your help. The hurricane relief effort is massive and will be ongoing for many months. The Red Cross is a non-profit organization that uses donations to provide focused assistance to disaster victims.

It will take years for many to recovery after Hurricane Sandy…and some never will. With the changes to Earth’s weather, we can expect to see more storms like this one soon. The time to prepare is now.