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September 27, 2011

Jerusalem UFO Likely a Hoax

A UFO video shot in Jerusalem back in January, depicting a purported UFO that hovers over the [wiki]Dome of the Rock[/wiki], is likely a hoax, according to an Israeli Channel 10 investigator.

While there are some interesting questions raised by the news investigator, it’s hard to really tell whether or not they can make the case to prove this video is a hoax. There also exist video clips from other parts of the city at the same time, showing what appears to be the same object over The Dome of the Rock.

Watch the video below & share what YOU think in the comments area, below. Fact or fake?

More information about the investigation from Huffington Post.

One Comment

  1. george murray

    I believe there are currently three and maybe even four videos of the “Dome of the Rock” ufo event. Hoax? Possibly.
    I truly wish that I had the knowledge and the equipment to pursue debunking the hoaxes. I for one believe we are NOT alone and that ET’s of various types are visiting us. However, there are those who love nothing better than to create hoax videos, etc. This is a problem for the people who are trying to discern just exactly what the alien agenda could be; whether we are in danger or not. And just basically have a plethora of unanswered questions.

    YouTube is a good example of a choking multitude of hoaxes. Oh well, what can ya do.

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