We’ve all heard the phrase “survival of the fittest” or the old adage that “only the strong survive” but whether it’s natural disasters or political unrest, those idioms are both something to take to heart.

Think of any scenario where natural disaster strikes: earthquake, firestorm, tsunami, volcanic eruption, hurricane or epic winter storm. After the initial moments of any disaster, the chances for a person’s survival depend mainly on how well they are prepared…and a huge part of that is their own, personal fitness.

Reasons To Consider Fitness

There are a ton of reasons why physical fitness makes such a difference in survival situations. Most should be pretty obvious but have you thought about having to swim or tread water for hours after a flood or tidal wave? It happened on a day in 2004 when a deadly tsunami swept 14 countries, killing over a quarter-million people. One young Indonesian woman lived to tell her story because she was able to tread water for hours after being washed out to sea.

How about having to walk or hike long distances while packing necessary supplies in an evacuation situation? The need to defend those supplies from various threats may become very real, in which case you’ll definitely want to be in good condition.

Fact is, the scenarios are endless. One thing’s for sure and that is people who are in good shape simply stand a much better chance for survival than those who are not.

What To Do

Generally, you don’t need to look like a super hero or body-building champion to be in great physical condition. Having huge muscles is what’s going to help you anyway. Those beefed up, bulky models we see on TV and in magazines can’t run as far or tread water as long as someone who’s lean and has great cardiovascular ability.

Here’s a short-list of what to focus on:


  • Cardio Health – tuning up the way your heart and lungs work is one of the most important things anyone can do to improve their fitness. You don’t need to be an all-star runner but simple aerobics and walking/jogging work wonders for the body.
  • Optimized Diet – Cleanse. Cut out the junk, unnecessary fats & greasy crap, increase your fruit & vegetable intake and you’ll notice a big difference in how you feel healthier every day.
  • Strength Training – Navy SEALs are some of the most physically fit & capable athletes on the planet, yet most of them don’t have huge muscles. They develop and exercise what they do have to be in prime condition – meaning they have strength and great endurance.
  • End Dependencies – Anything we’re addicted to that isn’t contributing to your top condition is something to stop. Now’s a great time to quit smoking or using anything else that isn’t helping your body.


Every one of us has a different ‘personal best’ when it comes to fitness. The goal is to strive for what your best really is, working toward that every day. No matter what your physical condition is right now, you can work to improve it.

Emergency situations typically come without warning. Investing in yourself now make life more enjoyable in countless ways when life is easy but more importantly, when the going gets rough, it might just save your life.