The internet is a buzz with all sorts of information and speculation about a supposed, distant object at the far reaches of our own solar system.

Many have coined the name “Planet X” for what they believe to be headed on a collision course with Earth. However, the [wiki]Planet X[/wiki] term has been used for over 100 years for a couple of different objects at the edge of our solar system – none of which are on any kind of trajectory for our own planet.

Many people now believe that Planet X is actually a planet with the name Nibiru. There is still much concern over a possible Nibiru Collision with Earth sometime in late 2012… possibly even having something to do with the reason the [wiki]Mayan Calendar[/wiki] ends on December 21, 2012.

I’ve seen literally hundreds of articles online with different “facts” and theories. A lot of them along the lines of a global, government conspiracy that’s covering up what facts are known about Nibiru and what’s going to happen to us all when it gets here.

Instead of linking to dozens of different article and arguing about why their theories may not be accurate, right now I’m going to ask YOU to write back about what YOU have heard or know. Is the concern about Planet X/Nibiru fact or fiction?

Do you have information or sources that tell more about Planet X or Nibiru? Let me know. I’d LOVE to help research that truth & get it out for everyone to know.