We’re now well into November and only 42 days from the purported end of the Mayan Calendar.

Personally, I’ve had some unexpected things take place in my life which I’m recovering from. The Armadeaun Project needs to move at full steam ahead to cover the rapid changes we’re seeing.

So far this year, we’ve seen a lot of upset with Mother Nature, dramatic ¬†increases of UFO and other unexplained phenomena activity across the globe. The world political situation is in upheaval of the kind I’ve not seen before in my lifetime.

The Armadeaun Project will be doing less coverage of older sightings and events in order to focus on the multitude of events we’re seeing right now.

We’ve created a new topic called “Preparedness”, where you’ll now begin to find tips & information on how to best get ready for anything that may be coming. While we can’t always guarantee survival of any disaster scenario, we should take whatever steps we can to prepare by at least having a plan, supplies & survival knowledge. Hoping that you can find something useful in the Preparedness section and can feel free to engage by sharing your ideas & tips, too!